The Ten Shot Project is Live!

We are live!


After a weeks of discussions and searching for submissions from amazing photographers, The Ten Shot Project is now live and we’re really pleased with how its turned out. Since the idea first came to mind, we’ve been working extensively to design and create a visual platform for all of you to see. A web space where film photographers from all other the planet are able to display and share their work.

The concept behind this project was simple. Ten shots and you choose the theme. The idea for us was always about real, honest images and 100% analogue. There’s no pixels here. In the first instance we will be focusing on colour submissions but we do see the need for monochrome at some stage. For those who answered our call for submissions, we thank you all. You have provided us with a divers and beautiful collection of images from around the world, from those of you who like to experiment to those of you who are just discovering your analogue feet, as well as the purists and the die hard film shooters.