Alex & Donna - Engagement

It seemed for a while that the world was conspiring against us to ever shoot Alex and Donna's engagement photos. For over a year we had been suggesting we would get together and make pictures, but one reason or another always seemed to hamper our plans. It seems though, not without good reason as everything seemed to work out perfectly. Not only were they now engaged to be married in 12 months time, but Donna was six months pregnant. The sun was shining over their tiny village of Burton-in-Lonsdale and it seemed a perfect evening to wander, chat and make photos. 

I went to high school with Donna all those years ago, and whilst we were never really close friends at school, we got connected again through social media. She has since moved away from our home town of Wigan with her Husband-to-be and this was the first time I had met Alex. A genuinely nice chap and they seem perfectly suited to one another and I am honoured that they have asked me to shoot their wedding in exactly one year.