Photo : Ara Roselani

Photo : Ara Roselani

Art Over Images

North West photographer seeking like minded people to make art over images’...or at least that’s how I’d like my biography to read if all industries worked like a dating site. 

Selecting your photographer is a big deal. They are the person who will spend the most time with you on your wedding day, capturing those intimate moments just as much as the grand ones. Capturing the memories that last a lifetime for yourselves and your family to enjoy forever. The way we create them is a partnership of trust and an understanding of style. So here is me, a photographer seeking those who are unique.  

The beauty of photography, to me, is perpetually the still frame; that single millisecond caught for all eternity, etched in printed ink as a memory.

For several years I have been shooting on film for all of my personal work, exercising the control of composition, the laws of lighting and the rules of routine and regularity, whilst searching for the moments that mean the most. I believe photography is more about spirit and soul, so I won’t shoot a picture without that. I am more concerned with how a photograph invokes feeling, rather than what settings were used to make it. 



Introduction Video - Weddings on Film


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